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The Pros and Cons of Full Body Vibration Training

by vibexca on October 15th, 2012
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Pros of Full Body Vibrating Machines

There are hundreds of studies which support the health benefits of whole body vibration exercise training, for example, performing squats or triceps dips for about 60 to 90 seconds for at least 3 to 4 times a week. Some of the studies suggest that vibration training help in increasing bone mineral density in the body as well as neuromuscular adaptation which can help reduce fall and fracture accidents, especially amongst the older population. Then again, there are studies which suggest that being exposed to exercise vibration machines for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to the health of senior citizens. But all research shows that as long as the exposure is under 15 minutes a day, the benefits are numerous. With Vibrating machines, more is not better.

The Benefits

The health risks mentioned above ought not to prevent you from realizing the immense health benefits of vibration training machines. As is the case with any other type of workout machine or training regimen, there are risks. But if used properly, you stand to benefit greatly. Listed below, are some of the health benefits that you stand to gain by making use of vibration training machines:

#1: Bone Health

Vibration training machines help in improving bone density, which in turn helps in reducing risks of fall and fracture accidents, particularly amongst the senior citizens. Some of the areas in the body where vibration training was found to have immense benefits in respect to bone density include:

  • Femoral neck bone mineral density.
  • Bone mineral density in the lumbar spine.
  • Bone density on the heels.

#2: Muscle Mass

By making use of exercise vibration machines, you can increase the muscle strength in your body. By enhancing blood flow throughout the body, vibration training ensures that muscles are properly fed with nutrients, which in turn leads to muscle accumulation.

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