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How Vibration Training Can Help You With Your Weight Loss Goals

by vibexca on October 15th, 2012

Vibration Training & Weight Loss


According to a study that was carried out and released in the year 2009 by the European Association for the Study of Obesity, it was discovered that gym workout equipment with vibrating exercise machines can not only help you to shed off excess body fat, but stay fit. The study which was carried out in 29 different countries and involving more than 2000 health workers concluded that vibration machine can effectively be used in normal workouts.

Realizing the health benefits of vibration training

While it is true that vibration therapy can be effective when it comes to weight loss and fitness training, there are conditions which you have to adhere to in order to realize these benefits. For instance, the vibration machine used in the training program has to be either a medium level or higher level vibrating platform. In addition, the WBV machine used has to generate regulated, sturdy and lineal vibrations. Using a vibration training machine with different specifications other than the ones mentioned herein might prevent you from achieving your fitness goals and objectives.

The best people who you can consult when thinking of purchasing vibration workout equipment are studio instructors who use vibrating platform. Having witnessed the “before” and “after” images of different customers, they are in a better position to explain to you the numerous health benefits of adopting this cutting-edge workout equipment while working out. In addition, you can choose to talk to consumers who have successfully used the whole body vibration equipment. Their comments and feed back in regards to the machine are valuable, especially when trying to narrow down on the best vibration equipment to purchase.

Then again, if the vibration training machines were not effective as some critics tend to point out, companies making the machines would have run out of business a long time ago. One way through which these companies have built their businesses is through word of mouth reference. With every satisfied customer, there are two new additional consumers who would like to realize the immense benefits of this training machine.

Why opt for whole body vibration machines?

For starters, you only need to train for at least 15 minutes. During that short period of time the vibrations generated by the machine will have targeted 100% body muscles which is a huge contrast to the 40% body muscles targeted by traditional training like resistance training.

History of vibration training

The history of vibration training can be traced back to the former USSR. The training formed part of their space research program that was intended to ensure that their cosmonauts were physically fit while in space. The training was later adopted by the fitness industry. However, it is not until recently that health institutions like rehabilitation centers begun to realize the potential benefits of vibration exercise equipment when it comes to recovery from muscle injuries.

While most training studios are nowadays equipped with vibration training equipment, there are designs and models that can be used at home. The internet is the best marketplace to shop from when searching for a suitable vibration platform to use at home.

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