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What should I look for in a Vibration Exercise Machine?

by vibexca on December 9th, 2010

Buyers Guide and Review Whole-body Vibration Plate

There are many important features to choosing the best workout machinesvibrating machine. Here are a few things to look for:

1. Solid Steel and Construction: Cheap steel or plastic will not do. Does the machine look solid? Watch their video of the machine in action? The vibration equipment should be very sturdy.

2. Reputable Company: If you don’t trust a company or haven’t heard of them, check them out. Make sure it is not just a company reselling Chinese made vibration machines. BEWARE this is common! May even have a nice website! This is a list of the reputable brand names: Power Plate, VibraSlim, Turbosonic, Vibrogym, Galileo, M-power and Proellixe. Ask them where their machine is made, if it comes from China watch out. Many low quality machines are made in China and then retailers stick their logo on them and call them quality machines. (Vibratrim & Slimvibes).

3. Warranty: Does it have a warranty? Again – “how long has this company been around’, is the warranty worth anything? Cheaper machines will wear out fast and not put out proper frequencies and power. Will your seller be around to fix it?

4. Maximum user weight: Make sure the machine can handle your body weight. Further, as cheap machines wear down, they may operate at a lower frequency then indicated, and in the case of lineal vibrating machines, low frequencies can be harmful.

5. Features: Does the vibration machine have between 10 and 30 speeds? Does it have Automated programs? Many of the Chinese machines have 50 and up to 100 speed settings. There is absolutely no benefit to this and you will see none of the top brands machines have more than 30 settings. More settings is not better and is a sign of one of these undesirable machines.

6. Noise: Many vibrating machines are very loud, even some expensive machines. Check it out.

7. Manuals and Videos: Does the company provide you with a positions guide and user manual? Do they have videos you can watch of the vibration exercise machine in action and demonstrations of the different exercise positions?

8. Who uses their machine? Do any reputable people or professionals use their vibration fitness equipment? If they do not, be very suspicious. If it really is good equipment, why would they not use it?

9. Delivery: How long does it take to get the whole body vibration machine? How is it being shipped? Don’t buy from anyone that wants 4 – 8 weeks to deliver the fitness machine – usually infomercials.

10. Fake Ratings – A few websites have fabricated a rating system called a “Koehler Rating” which has absolutely no merit and real meaning at all. Koehler Rating is not an industry standard whatsoever and is simply a misleading marketing gimmick.

Review and Check out each and every point BEFORE you buy and you will not regret it!

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