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What to Look for When Buying a Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibration Fitness plates are wonderful workout machines that can give you a whole body workout but, as with any machine that you’ll be spending hundreds to thousands of pounds on, you want to be sure that you’re getting the proper machinery that will not only do the job, but do it easily and for a very long time to come! Because of this, there are some key factors to consider when buying a vibration exercise plate – here are some the more important ones;

  • Look at what it’s made of. It’s a machine that you’re going to be standing on, stepping on, pulling on, and a number of other exercises so, be sure that it will be able to stand up to all of it. One that is made of steel is generally a good way to go to ensure durability. 

  • Go with a Vibration Fitness manufacturer whose name you know and trust. If you’re unsure about the different brands, ask a professional or do some research into the different companies online. Find out which ones have repeat, satisfied customers and what they offer in terms of warranty and such.

  • Look at the maximum user weight and make sure that you fall within the range. While most vibration Fitness plates are designed to be able to hold a couple of elephants, some models such as floor models, may have a smaller weight. Using a machine that is not built to hold your weight will cause damage to the machine and shorten its life.

  • Specs and features are important as well and you can only base this decision on what’s important to you. Do you want many pre-selected programs to choose from or do you want to customize your workout? Will a noisy machine really bother you? How many speeds do you want/need? Do you want a vibration machine that comes with accessories such as arm and leg straps?

These are all important considerations when purchasing a vibration exercise plate. What you prioritize as being the most important will depend on what exercises you are planning to do on your whole body vibration plate and what it’s uses will be for, such as whether you are using the plate for workouts and toning or as part of rehabilitation.
The Vibration Plate is everything that you will ever need when you are looking for a great workout on a vibration platform. You want a simple, easy-to-read LCD digital display, and plenty of room to move around, so you can use this machine in just about any way you choose.

Of course, the best thing about the vibration plate is that it will give you all of the benefits that training on a vibration platform provides. You can tone and strengthen your muscles, as well as lose fat, all with a low impact workout. The vibration plates inside the machine stretch and contract your muscles in one of the most natural and gentle ways, so you won’t have sore knees or shoulders after using the Vibration fitness Platform. And it was the Vibration exercise Platform that American astronauts first used when using the Russian technique of using vibration platforms to stop the loss of bone density in astronauts spending a good amount of time in space. And this benefit makes the Vibration exercise machine a great choice for anyone who suffers from arthritis, osteoporosis, and other joint and bone issues.

Aside from the standard health and fitness benefits that come with the Vibration machine, this model is also very convenient to use. Because there are no armrests or protruding handlebars, you can work with many different bands and elastics and other different accessories. Yet there is still a small handlebar underneath the digital display for when you need a little extra support during your workout. And the LCD display is easy to read and allow you to choose an automated program or stick with the manual route and hammer it out as you go.

The whole body Vibration Plate is the first of its kind in vibration platforms and still continues to be one of the leaders on the market because it gives all the standard features and benefits of other vibration platforms, but it makes it easier and more convenient too!

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If you are thinking about investing in a vibration plate, you’ll probably hear the terms vertical and tilt vibration a lot and wonder what they mean. Machines come with either vertical vibration, tilt vibration, or a dual mode system and which one you choose can greatly affect how you use your machine and the benefits you reap from it. 
A machine with a tilt vibration system uses a circular motion and the motor is in the shape of a ball so that the platform can move in all directions. While this may seem to be the obvious choice due to the number of exercises you could do and the number of ways you could use the machine, a tilt vibration exercise system can actually do a lot of damage to the body if used excessively or incorrectly.
Machines that have work on a vertical vibration system are the most popular today. It does only move in a vertical motion however, it’s mostly the way the machine is impacting the body that is vertical. The body muscles work in a linear motion with these types of machines and so, it eliminates possible damage to muscles through placing too much pressure on them
A dual mode system combines these two types of plates and allows the user to switch back and forth between the two. For the very most options and the ability to make your machine extremely versatile, this type of machine is the clear choice.

So you’ve decided to take full advantage of a Vibration Exercise Machine and start toning and strengthening your muscles. Good for you! Power plates are wonderful ways to get in shape and give you the body you want without being harsh on joints and putting you through a vigorous workout that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to complete. But, now that you’ve decided to start using one, you don’t know where to find one, or who has Power Plates for sale? This is a common problem. Power Plates simply aren’t as popular as other types of equipment such as treadmills or elliptical trainers and therefore, can be harder to find if you don’t know where to look. That’s why we’re here to tell you!

Fitness Outlet Centers. Fitness outlet centers are large warehouses that have equipment shipped to them when the floors of the stores are filling up and there’s simply no room to display them. This is a great place to find Power Plates for sale. Often, the retail stores will only keep one or two Power Plates on their floors because they aren’t as popular as other machines. The extras are shipped to the outlet center and, the best part is, because these outlets are wholesale outlets, you’ll also get your Vibration Exercise Machine for much cheaper!

Just like anything else these days, going online is a great way to find a Vibration Exercise Machine for sale. Here there are thousands of online retailers specializing in the sale of Power Plates. Browse the different merchants and compare prices easily, all while in your pajamas and drinking a cup of coffee! It really couldn’t be any easier.

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